Pink Floyd is a band!!! Who Knew???

First off i’d just like to say that you really do learn something new everyday. I always thought Pink Floyd was the name of a clothing line in Walmart, I never knew they were a actual band. However thanks to Mrs. Williams now I know who they are. 🙂

I really loved the video that we watched in class. It was a little weird looking I must admit but it was a scary truth. The message behind the video was deep just like the reading we were assigned from Pedagogy of the oppressed. The message behind the film and the book is basically about how we treat students. Teachers prescribe information to them, the children regurgitate that information on standardized test. Critical thinking and individuality are torn away because all that matters is the test. Students are not taught to question why and to think out of the box. Instead they are taught to do the opposite, how not to think crtically, and how not to use their brain.

I don’t agree with this style of teaching. I think its very wrong to treat students as objects or empty bottles waiting to be filled. Learning and dialogue should take place in classrooms. Not just the students learning but the teachers as well. Someone once said that “learning is a life long process”, which means it should not stop once you become an adult standing in front of a classroom. There is always more room for more knowledge. Oh and I really loved the Bob Marley song, I had never herd it before but I liked it, it’s definitely my favorite song so far.


4 thoughts on “Pink Floyd is a band!!! Who Knew???

  1. I’ve never heard of Pink Floyd before class either! so you aren’t alone lol. But I fully agree that students aren’t to be treated as empty bottles…it’s not fair to the children. In order to be a successful teacher, you have to be willing to be taught as well.

    Oh and i LOVE bob marley! If you liked that song you should check out a collaboration CD with Nas and Damian Marley called Distant Relatives…the album speaks true words!

  2. I really enjoyed the Pink Floyd video as well, it is interesting to me that ideas that artists like Pink Floyd and Bob Marley sang about years ago are still important topics today. Makes me wonder if things haven’t changed or if they have progressively gotten worse?

  3. I agree with you!! Children are people just like the teachers. Just because you are the person in charge doesn’t make you better and you shouldn’t treat your children like nothing. A teacher is suppose to create a special bond with his or her students.

  4. I agree with your response on the problem posing method of teaching when compared to the banking method. I’m sure many teachers in classrooms today would agree with us as well but they must follow the system in order for their kids to do well on standardized test and to keep their jobs. In order to get away from the banking method, the whole system needs to change.

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